Discover the world of ANYA Couture

Our Mission

ANYA by Vivien collection amalgamates the styles and culture from three continents: African print, Western asymmetry and European couture. This brand promises a beautiful array of functional and eye catching haute couture and ready-to-wear outfits.  These fabulous outfits are thoughtfully created for every type of casual and formal occasion for every type of woman.

Our Story

On December 22nd, 2013, ANYA By Vivien was launched by Vivien Agbakoba.  Vivien is a Nigerian-born, avid traveling designer between all continents, and living in the United States.

It all really began at the curious young age of 11 years old.  Vivien experimented with colorful fabrics, teaching herself over the years, the art of tailoring.  She formalized this craft through a Professional School of Design in the Eastern part of Nigeria, before emigrating to the United States, where she setup her second independent fashion design studio.

The brand name ANYA comes from a piece of her maiden name, Phentermine and the word “anya”, which means “eyes or vision” in Nigeria’s popular eastern language.

Beauty is not just the way people “see” you, but also the way one “sees” themselves or “feels” about themselves, especialy when you put on an outfit.  Vivien is passionately inspired by this true Beauty, and how it’s very unique to each individual.

Our Collections

With every new collection, Vivien A. meshes something new about her African culture, with the European aesthetic and the boldness of the west.  Therefore giving every woman an opportunity to be unique and bold at the same as generic modafinil, without compromising her core values and culture of origin.

As each collection exudes pure sophistication, its elegance has one single focus….to bring out the True beautiful in every woman.

Our Impact

Felicia’s Fund is a 501 3(c) registered non profit focusing on providing access to primary education for young girls in developing countries deprived of education due to cultural or economic hardships.  ANYA By Vivien, through its annual fundraiser fashion shows, raises funds and resources to support the growth of this impactful organization.  Throughout the year, proceeds from sales of clothing in each collection, contribute financially to the assistance of specific young students and the school infrastructure.  View more about FELICIA’s FUND at the website here – CLICK HERE



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