Felicia's Fund Launch Event

The official launch of Felicia's Fund! A foundation born by the legacy of the Late Felicia Anyaduba created by her daughter Vivien Agbakoba, founder and lead designer of the clothing brand Anya by Vivien. Globally, 131 million girls worldwide are out of school. At the current rate, by 2030, more than half of the world’s girls will not be on track to achieve basic literacy and numeracy skills at the secondary level. Together, we can and must change this. Nigeria has the highest number of out-of-school children in the world - 10.5 million, and about 60% are girls! With a mission to invest in the education and vocational training of young girls in selected communities in Nigeria, gave birth to FELICIA's FUND. Felicia's Fund honors the late Felicia Anyaduba. A very strong advocate for women's education and empowerment that impacted the lives of hundreds of women. Felicia assisted these women to receive education, and ultimately jobs to cater for their families and different communities. This foundation honors her legacy and her purpose driven life as a strong African Mother and Educational advocate. She had no college degree due to losing her parents when young, and started trading to care for her siblings. But this didn't stop her belief in the power of a great education. It led her to put her siblings through a higher education. She then fell in love and married a University Professor. All these circumstances led to her core values including the power of education and her purpose to encourage and help people gain entry into different forms of better education.