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9 ways to wear a Maxi dress this Summer

One of our fave blogs, Bright Side present you with nine simple tips on how to wear wonderfully feminine maxi dresses and feel confident and beautiful.

With sneakers

Nine style tips on how to wear maxi dresses

Many people still think that such an outfit looks weird. It’s commonly believed that we should wear sports shoes only with sportswear. But the rules of fashion change. Nowadays a combination of a dress + sneakers has almost become classic.

This look is perfect for those who don’t like high heels and are afraid to get tangled up in the long dress. This definitely won’t happen if you wear sneakers!

With a denim jacket

Nine style tips on how to wear maxi dresses

If you’re going to go for a walk and you want to put on your favorite dress, don’t forget about a denim jacket. This outfit looks beautiful and very stylish. Here are some of the pluses of the dress + a denim jacket combination:

  • You look fresher and younger.
  • The color of a denim jacket is quite neutral so it goes well with any skin type.
  • Such attire accentuates the legs and makes them look longer.

With a belt

Nine style tips on how to wear maxi dresses

If you wear a maxi dress with a belt you can be sure that this will accentuate your small waist — this will instantly make everyone around you jealous. But if you don’t like belts, you can still look very attractive in a sexy slit dress that will accentuate not only your waist but your legs as well.

With high heels

Nine style tips on how to wear maxi dresses

This is one of the ways to make you look taller because your maxi dress will hide the heels.

With a leather jacket

Nine style tips on how to wear maxi dresses

Want your outfit to be chic and sassy? Then say yes to this combination immediately! Besides, when wearing a leather jacket you can experiment with makeup using different bright colors.

Beach maxi dresses

Nine style tips on how to wear maxi dresses

Beach maxi dresses are your best friends on summer holidays! They are made of a lightweight fabric that is perfect for hot weather.

Asymmetrical dresses

Nine style tips on how to wear maxi dresses

If you don’t like to hide your legs completely, asymmetrical dresses can be the best solution. The front of the dress is short and the back is long. It’s not only beautiful and sexy but very original as well.


Nine style tips on how to wear maxi dresses

Bright beautiful prints can liven up any outfit. They immediately create the right mood and demonstrate a unique style. Also, a variety of different accessories will perfectly match dresses with prints.


Nine style tips on how to wear maxi dresses

There are no strict rules: the choice of accessories depends on your taste and the occasion you are dressing for. Accessories make any attire look gorgeous. If your dress has a great neckline, a beautiful necklace will be the right choice. Accessories can be neutral: gold or silver, for example. Or they can be bright to match your dress.

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Tips for wearing long evening gowns

Knowing how to wear a long gown is the key to looking amazing. Here are some tips that you may find helpful:1. If you want to wear something over your dress, like a short jacket or cardigan, make sure you opt for a tailored option. This will stop you from looking too ‘bulky’.

2. Some smaller women find that a long dress can overwhelm their little frames. However, dresses that have less volume are perfect for the more petite ladies. Avoid wearing anything with too much ‘puffiness’ if you’re petite.
For tall ladies, make sure you choose a style that reaches all the way to the bottom of your feet. A dress that stops at your ankles won’t have the desired effect.

3. With your shoes, avoid going for anything too high or chunky. They can distract from the dress and look out of proportion. Wedge sandals can be a good choice if you want to add height without distracting.
Wearing too many accessories with your long dress can distract away from it and make the look too ‘busy’. Just one statement piece of jewellery is enough to wear with your dress, if you feel you need something.

4. If you want to show off your waist more, you can consider adding a belt to your long dress. This could be made from leather, cotton, or any other material that suits your dress. You’ll give yourself a lovely hourglass figure, if you don’t already have one!
Although your long dress can do most of the talking, you also need to consider your hair and makeup. Your hairstyle should compliment the style of dress you’ve chosen in order to create a gorgeous overall look. You might consider wearing a sparkly hair accessory, having your hair long and wavy, or pinning it up in a formal up-do. If you aren’t sure what to do with your hair, why not book an appointment with your hairdresser?

5. Everybody has a different body shape. There’s apple, pear, banana, and a whole lot more. By knowing your shape and measurements, you can choose a gown that’s perfect for you and flatters your shape.
Although you should always choose a dress that you love the colour of, you should make sure that it suits your complexion, hair colour, and eye colour too. Some colours may wash you out, while others will make you look stunning.

6. Standing up straight while wearing your long dress is a must. You’ll instantly look more confident and attractive!
Remember; one of the best accessories you can wear with your dress is a smile!

Long evening gowns are perfect for a special black tie event, whether you’re attending a wedding, prom, ball, or something else. It’s always better to be overdressed than underdressed, so make sure you make an effort to look sensational. Have fun shopping for the perfect dress!