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How to Wear Lace Dresses in the Fall

As stated by one of our favorite bloggers on :

“Fall is a confusing season. You’re pumped to start pulling out your cozy sweaters and corduroy skinny jeans, but it’s still not quite cold enough to bundle up in all of your winter goodies. Take advantage of this transition by mixing your summer staples in with your winter pieces. Pair your mini skirt with a big chunky sweater, or your lace dress with a heavy button down and booties OR pumps and accessories.”

Mixing and blending the seasons in your daily outfit reminds you that the gnashing cold is not that bad after all….

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Dos and Donts of Fall – Dresses and more

Thanks to the fabulous website “WhoWhatWear” and the author @BobbySchuessler, we bring you this edited version of “Dos and Donts for the Fall”

On those randomly warmer days (thanks to global warming), sneak in something unexpectedly shorter and breezier than expected.  It makes you stand out to anyone bumping into you that day.

You can never go wrong with jeans or your classic denim jacket, but one way to look 100% more fashionable this season is to test out denim in unexpected places like in a coat iteration or even on an accessory.

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Rachel Wang shares great fall mix and match must-haves

Rachel Wang, a New York city stylist that travels half the year, shares essential fall style must-haves for the “active” working woman.  From the extremely comfortable men’s inspired jacket to the sexy weekday cylindrical heel sandal, she explains how to mix and match these items for hard working days that must stay stylish.  Enjoy the rest of

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Best things to Know about Off Shoulder Trends

The shoulder-baring look has officially crossed the clavicle to go from trend of the moment to wardrobe mainstay. Here’s everything you need to know to master this must-have (composed by the great editors of Bloomingdales).


Ah, strapless bras—both an off-the-shoulder essential and a self-inflicted torture device. Find a more flattering, comfortable and stay-put fit with our intimates intel:
Go a band size down—and a cup up—than your normal bra size to get the most support from the band, your sole source of reinforcement.
The bigger your cup size, the heftier the band should be. Translation? Small cup sizes (A-B) can try backless adhesive types or thin band widths, while fuller cups (C and up) do best with wider and longline styles.
Inner silicone strips help keep bras in place with extra grip for the girls.


Freeing those shoulders means introducing a

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How to wear a cocktail dress during the Day (not just at cocktail parties)

Be it chic, casual or on-the-go, let’s appreciate the different ways to style the cocktail dress outside a wedding reception. (Photos courtesy of pinterest, elle, tumblr)

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ANYA Spring Fashion Show

ANYA launches the Summer 2017 collection – Runway Action!!

ANYA launches the Summer 2017 collection – Runway Action