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Dos and Donts of Fall – Dresses and more

Thanks to the fabulous website “WhoWhatWear” and the author @BobbySchuessler, we bring you this edited version of “Dos and Donts for the Fall”

On those randomly warmer days (thanks to global warming), sneak in something unexpectedly shorter and breezier than expected.  It makes you stand out to anyone bumping into you that day.

You can never go wrong with jeans or your classic denim jacket, but one way to look 100% more fashionable this season is to test out denim in unexpected places like in a coat iteration or even on an accessory.

Layering is not only crucial to keeping warm during fall, but it’s also the simplest way to look put together and fashion-y.


There’s nothing more forward-feeling and chic than mixing different textures like velvet, silk, cashmere, and everything in between.


This season is flooded with amazing boots in a wide array of interesting and unique patterns and textures—perfect to help you stand out from the crowd.




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